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      This story began when Uncle Henry had to attends an important business meeting regarding his millions project of built a luxurious bungalows with his partners while his wife gone to KL.So,Uncle Henry has to send his only son,Georgie stayed together with his brother's children,Lyn and Kenny so that they can keep an eye on Georgie.Uncle Henry has already planned a trip to Taiping Zoo for his son,Georgie together with his cousins,Lyn and Kenny.But Lyn and Kenny hated their cousins.His parents had spoilt him since he was small because he was their only son and he had growned up to be fat and lazy and very rude also hates animals.He also will makes things miserable for everyone when he gets bored.They wouldn't mind going to the zoo with Georgie,as long as they could take their friends,Mimi and Zul too.
       So,on that morning trip,Uncle Henry drove the children to the Taiping Zoo by his large tomato-red Mercedes.When they arrived there,Uncle Henry has asked Zul to take care of everyone as he is the oldest.They had an enjoyable time inside the zoo except Georgie that really spoiled the whole trip because he doesn't likes animals at all.Before they finished their trip in that zoo,Georgie went to the gift shop,bought some souvenirs for his mother.The children suggested some of the souvenirs that would suitable for his mothers,but nothing they suggested pleased Georgie.At last the children wandered out of the shop and feed the monkeys.After a few minutes they wondered that Georgie has gone.
        All of them started to find Georgie.Zul felt worried because Georgie's father had put him in charge of his son and if they couldn't find Georgie,he would be in big trouble.They asked the ticket officer whether he has saw Georgie went out from the zoo and the man told that he saw Georgie left the zoo.Suddenly Mimi began to smiled and told the others that maybe Georgie went up to the fun-fair on Larut Hill because she remembered he heard Georgie talks about fun-fair when they were looking at the tigers.
        The journey to find Georgie up to Larut Hill began and must go by jeep.They went out from the jeep and started walking as fast as they could go.Suddenly Kenny heard a faint voice "help".So they followed the direction Kenny had heard the voice.Unfortunately,it wasn't Georgie but it was a Scottish man Sandy that has sprained his ankle.
         Things become worse when suddenly there was a bright flash of lightning and a loud crash of thunder.A large black cloud has covered the sky and cold wind began to blow.A moment after that,rain began to poured down and started flooded all over the places.All of them included Sandy tried to looked out for shelter.Zul and Kenny tried to get helped from the workers cut up the huge branch that had lying across the road.The workers tried to called up the Emergency Rescue Service but didn't got because there's too much static electricity caused by the storm.At last,the workers themselves helped the children and also Sandy get  out from the affected area.
          Georgie was actually went back to his father's business meeting place that was in the Golden Willow Restaurant by itself because he get bored in the zoo and he didn't like his cousins as well as his cousin's friends.His father was shocked as he saw Georgie entered the meeting room.His father was scolded him and at the moment Georgie get scolded from his father,Kenny,Lyn,Zul,Mimi and also Sandy entered the room.All of them was shocked to saw Georgie was there.The children told from the very beginning until the end.Uncle Henry apologize the children and also sandy on behalf of his son and warned Georgie behave himself,respect the others,and also mind his words.


1-Squealed:To make a long loud high sound or cry.
                   ...and talked to Mimi who squealed with excitement...(page 6 lined 21)

2-Steep:A round,hill etc that is steep slopes at a high angle.
             It was high and steep and there were trees all the way up.(page 8 lined 28)

3-Dreadful:Extremely unpleasant.
                 ...unless something really dreadful happens.(page 12 lined 24)

4-Enormous:Very big in size or in amount.
                    The orang utan mother was enormous but the baby was tiny.(page 15 lined 13)

5-Perches:A branch or stick where a bird sits.
                ...some photographs of them on their perches but it was difficult.(page 18 lined 8)

6-Nuisance:A person,thing,or situation that annoys you or causes problems.
                  "Oh what a nuisance,"said Lyn crossly.(page 19 lined 26)

7-Car-sick:Feeling sick because you are travelling in a car.
                  "It's not the kind of place to go if you get car-sick!"(page 29 lined 11)

8-Moaned:To complain in an annoying way,especially in an unhappy voice and without good reason.
                  "When is this storm going to stop!"moaned Mimi(page 57 lined 16)

9-Zapped:To quickly attack or destroy something,especially using a beam of electricity.
                 ...would be stupid to get zapped by lightning.(page 57 lined 25)

10-Crept:To move in a quiet,careful way,especially to avoid attracting attention.
                ...and the children crept into the room.(page 91 lined 10)


1-Always respect the others especially who are older than us.
2-Always help each others whether we know that person or not without hopes for the rewards.
3-Don;t being a selfish.
4-Preserve and conserve our nature and rainforest.
5-Maintains a good relationships with the other of the family members.
6-We should be thankful to God on what we have right now.


       My comments about this story are,it is a well-organised and straight  forward story from the very beginning until the end of the story that readers can understands straight forward without have to thinking very hardly.The author,Jean Adnan portray Larut Hill and Taiping Zoo as the background place where this story is creates.The author use a simple words in this story and it is very suitable for a new readers and also a new learners on english languages.This story also give attentions on nature while the story at the Larut Hill.For example,Sandy,the Scottish man that has sprained his ankle is a nature lover knows better about the nature especially the types of birds.I also has learn new things from this story for example,if a tree trunk is cut across,we can see circles inside the trunk.Each ring means a year of the tree's life.So we just have to count how many circles there are and that tells us how old the tree was.So,as the conclusion,"Adventure On Larut Hill"is a very adventurous story,very interesting and the most important things is,I really enjoy reading this book.

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