Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Brisket,A Casket


Murray,the'Pastrami Swami' is dead,leaving loyal deli cutomers in a tizzy.The only kosher deli in Nashville,Tennessee appears to be relegated to memory.Fortunately,Gwen Silver has decided to take up her deceased uncle's mantle.That is,until everything begins to fall apart like a well-cooked brisket.

After surviving a disastrous divorce,Gwen leaves New York and heads for Nashville to manage her uncle's deli.Soon after arriving,she is distraught to learn that Uncle Murray may have taken his secret recipes to the grave with him,because they are nowhere to be found.However,Gwen will not be undone and she springs into action.Using her culinary talents,she creates her own recipes and a new menu.Unfortunately,the newest deli dish includes murder.

In an effort to promote the deli menu and its change in ownership,Gwen arranges for a Kosher Karaoke Night.Buster Sergeant,a loyal customer of the deli for many years,sits down to enjoy the evening and sample of the brisket.Within moments of his first bite,Buster keels over dead.

Needless to say,patrons find a plate of murder highly unplatable.It isn't long before the dark cloud of rumor and suspicion settles upon the deli;however,the deli is ultimately exonerated with the medical examiner's report.Rumors of food poisoning come to a screeching half when it is revealed that the cause of death is a particular poison used to exterminate coyote populations.
Gwen silver,no stranger to forensic science,is determined to find out who is behind the killing.With the help of sexy detective Beau McClintock,Gwen digs deeper into the mystery,which eventually puts  her own life in danger.

Topping the list of suspects is Royce Sinclair,the "Donald trump"of Nashville,He has been trying to get his hands on the deli so he can raze it to make way for a resort.Gwen declines his persistent offers to purchase the property,which raises the questions as to wether Sinclair is willing to murder for it.


A Brisket,A Casket is the first book in the Deadly Deli Mystery series,Author  Delia  Rosen creatively uses murder as an entree in this cozy little mystery.To spice things up,Rosen also throws in a delicious dessert in the form of a little romance.This novel will certainly leave the reader hungry for more.Gwen(nee katz).This novel is one of the most interesting novel that I ever read because it is about a detective story.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Henry P. York moves to Henry, Kansas after his parents' maybe had been kidnapped, so he have to live with his Uncle Frank, Aunt Dotty, and his cousins Penelope, Henrietta, and Anastasia.  Henry was having trouble falling asleep on his new bedroom. suddenly, something thumped against the wall above his head. he tried to force his eye to shut . but whatever had thumped outside of his wall was now scratching. so he decide to go to toilet. when he reach at the toilet, someone is in there, he hate knocking and conservation through bathroom doors. so he sit on the stairs and wait. when the door is open, he saw an old man stepped onto the landing. the man was short and had a polished bald head with white hair straggling off the sides, long tweed trousers were rolled up at his ankles and a purple satin bathroom's. Henry quickly use the toilet and come back to his room.
the next morning. Henry go to the town with his uncle, Frank. Uncle frank buy a new baseball glove and knife for Henry. back to home, he chatting with his cousin, Penelope, Henrieta and Anastasia. he wonder why thy share a room even though the house is big enough. Penelope explain that there is no other room for they to stay, there only left grandfather bedroom and aunty Dotty sewing room. Grandfather room got a huge bed, because grandfather is so tall. after grandfather died, the door won't open, uncle Frank had loss the key. it has been two years since grandfather died. now only Henry knew that his grandfather is dead, he wonder who is the man that he saw last night. Henry jerked awake and squinted in the light. a piece of plaster rolled down his forehead bounced on the top of pose, landed on his chest when he sat up.he saw two small knobs protruded from the plaster of the wall began picking chunks of plaster off the wall, he can see a little locked cupboards. While he works on peeling the rest of the plaster away with his knife, he and Uncle Frank try to break through the door to Grandfather's bedroom, to no avail. He and Henrietta then find a way into Grandfather's bedroom when home alone, where they find a journal filled with a map of the cupboards. Henry finds out that a narrow cupboard leads to what appears to be a post office box and receives a threatening letter, telling him that he may awaken an ancient evil if he continues. He and Henrietta also figure out how to open a black door to a place called Badon Hill, where a mysterious hand cuts him after he attempts to pull an unconscious Henrietta out.
One morning Henrietta mysteriously disappears, and Henry crawls through a cupboard in Grandfather's room to find her. He find Henrietta in a dark cupboard. They witness a group of people with wolves called "Witch-Dogs" kill a party, but they escape. Meanwhile, Uncle Frank attempted to find the two of them and opened the cupboard that led to Badon Hill. A witch and her cat emerged from the cupboard and stab Frank. The witch is Nimiane, and she has been strengthened by Henry's blood. Aunt Dotty, Penelope, and Anastasia run up to see what's going on, and Aunt Dotty falls into a similar state. Henry and Henrietta emerge from their cupboard and struggle with the witch, but it is Zeke, a boy who was just drop by to see if Henry was ready to play baseball, who knocks her out with a swing of his baseball bat. Dotty and Frank are rushed to the hospital but eventually become healed.
Henrietta discovered a creature that looked like a flying rhino in one of the cupboards. It is revealed that the creature, called a raggant, was banging against his cupboard, causing it to break through the plaster at the beginning of the book. Uncle Frank also tells Henry that he came from one of the cupboards as a child. The book ends when Henry receives another threatening letter from the post office box.

comment :
 First book of a new fantasy adventure, written in the best world-hopping tradition and reinvented in N. D. Wilson's own inimitable style. this is a fantasy adventure reading book same as Narnia, i like the flow of the story, it become excited and excite very chapter. when Henry find out about the truth inside the cupboard, that is actually the story begin. the Aurthur use all the way to tell us and make us imagine what happen to the character and the surrounding.a lots of new words that i never use, i never know about it. i don't want to share it with you because i think you should read it by your self and find it. i actually had use my new words in my synopsis. i enjoy reading this book and i finish it only in 4 days which more faster than the book before this. If you enjoy watching Narnia, i bet you also will enjoy much with this novel. i think N.D Wilson have done a great job. :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ellie and the Secret Potion


   Meet Misty, Ellie, Sophie, Holly, Lucky and Scarlett. They are mermaid sister of the sea, who live in the magical underwater world of Coral Kingdom. The Merfolk and their wise ruler, Queen Neptuna look after the sea and all its creatures. Coral Kingdom is protected by six powerful magic crystal which give life and strength to the Merfolk. Without the crystal, Coral Kingdom would not survive. Every year the old crystal fade and have to be replaced. Queen Neptuna sends Misty and her friends - six special mermaids who are pure of heart - to fetch the new ones from the secret Crystal Cave. But as they are bringing the crystal home, a storm blows the mermaids completely off course.
   This is no ordinary storm. It is created by Mantora, Queen Naptuna's jealous sister . Mantora wanted to rule Coral Kingdom and now she is bitter and full of hatred. She is determine to stop the mermaids reaching home, so that she can overthrow Queen Naptuna and set up her evil storm kingdom instead. Luckily the young mermaids have courage and friendship on their side. But  thay's not all their sister of sea Kits will help them as they race  to get the crystal back safely. Misty and her friends are eager to prove that queen naptuna was right to trust them with the precious. They are going to do everything  it takes to get them home and safeguard  Coral Kingdom for another year.


I like this book because it use the simple word and easy to understand.Besides that,they always been together if anythings happen so, from there we can learn something that we need each other and the friends is very important.Furthermore,we need to protect our place from the other people.

New words 

Gossamer -literary a very light thin material

Dazzle      -if a very bright light dazzle you, its stop you from seeing properly for a short time

Giddy       -feeling slightly sick and unable to balance, because everything seems to be moving

Ointment  -a soft cream that you rub into your skin as a medical treatment.            

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Dream Time by Henry Treece

 Crookleg is a boy from Dog Folk. He was afraid that his right leg would never be straight again. He hopes that the Old Man of the Dog Folk had better magic for mending broken legs. His mother, Bluestone lay on a heap of brown fern at the far end of the dark room crying out and something groaning for three days. The priest woman name Ash always pointed her snake stick at him and told him harshly to stay where he was whenever he wanted to crawl to his mother. Ash had sent all the men and boy away from the longhouse when Bluestone started to groan. She wants to send Crookleg also but the young women begged her not to because of his leg. Ash warns Crookleg to not look when the magic started because it will make bad luck to his family and if it happens she will blame Crookleg. She also will give Crookleg to Bone. Bone was the Rainmaker. And lived in a little cave deep in the forest. He was very old and bent. No one had seen his face. When anyone of the Dog Folk broke the law they were tied up and taken to Bone. They will not come back to the tribe again. Even the wolves were afraid of Bone. Crookleg’s father, Thorn was the war leader. Crookleg wished that he will be happy all the time without fighting with other folk.

Then suddenly his mother began to howl out more than ever and he wished he could go to her. The women of the Dog Folk singing a song that only the women know. He lay in the Longhouse with his mother crying. Ash said that Crookleg are useless to the folk because he could not do anything like other men war do. He fell so angry and wanted to hurt Ash. Just then one of the women passed by him crying and ran to Ash and said the Crookleg had give the bad luck.

Thorn stand away from him, thinking. The she said that his mother and her baby are already pass away. He thought that he had sent his mother and Bud, the baby. But Ash will not sent Crookleg to Bone because she wanted all the men to get ready for the next fight. Crookleg do not want to but his father said that id barley does nit spring, they must go to the Fox Folk and take their sheep. If not they will not eat.

Then his leg got better, he can walk and almost run. He go to the men’s longhouse. One of them wore a bracelet made from a ring of bull’s horn, made him look important. His name is Fang and he was the one who would lead the war folk when Thorn went away. Fang saw Crookleg and laughing. Then Thorn caught him by the arm and drew him closer. He give a blue stone that her mother wear. His father dream that his wife ask him to give it to their son. So, people will know who he is. They are going to fighting with the Fox Folk. Thorn asks Crookleg to stay at the back of fighting and hold a spear stick. Then Fang ask him to give the offering as he will be the war men. Crookley offering his finger because his father was there.

At the war, the Old Folk lose and Crookleg run away. He did not when to the Old Folk back. He meets Blackbird from Fox Folk. Blackbird is going to Fish Folk because no one of her family left. By on their way to Fish Folk, they meet Shark. Shark was too tall and scary. He caught Blackbird and ask what Crookleg offering. Then Blackbird ask Crookleg to run away. He left Blackbird and do to River Folk. At there he meets Wander, who the Lady of River Folk. Wander give crookleg new name, Twilight. He made brooch for Wander. So every woman also ask him to make them brooch. Wander tought that twilight has a magic to make people curve and bring luck to their village. Because of that they all agree that twilight to become a leader. One day, Fish Folk came to River Folk because they hear that River Folks has something good. The leader of Fish Folk are Shark. Shark want Twilight to follow he to go to Fish Folk. Twilight did not agree with Shark. So they had a fight. Fish Folk lose because twilight had kill the people of the River Folk suggest that they want to go to Fish Folk to get revenge. At Fish Folk twilight meet Blackbird again.  Adder call out the twilight to let the war man of fish folk rush out and spear them as they lay. But twilight did not agree. Twilight ask Blackbird where is the Clay owl that he made for her when they lost in the forest. Blackbird say that shark did not allowed her to wear it. Wander jealous that twilight made Blackbird clay owl, so they get fight. Then twilight suggest that she will make both of them new brooch.

comment :
This week we read a book of Henry Treece. The story are impressive. It use language like a poet and the word used are not to difficult for us to understand. The flow of the story are also interesting. This story in very short and simple words, put together in such a way that they can express things which are not simple at all. We should believe in God not to people who can give a luck. Furthermore, do not judge people by its look. People of Dog Folk do not like Crookleg because they do not know the real him. They just believe what other people say about him, that he is such a loser. But at the end, Crookleg has his own folk.

moral story :
1)Do not simply believe what people say
2)Love can not be force
3)Do not judge people easily
4)Do not afraid to show who you are
5)Be yourself

new word :
  1. strand: a single thin piece of thread, wire or hair
  2. yarn: thick thread made of cotton or wool, which is used to knit something
  3. snarl: an animal, it makes a low angry sound and show its teeth.