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This story is about of Mr Earshawn's family.They live at Wuthering Heights. Mr Earshawn has a son, Hindley and  a daughter, Catherine. Their live is always happiness but not longer since their father brought an adopt to their house. They decided to call it Heatcliff. Hindley hate him very much. He never get a good attendance from Hindley.After they have grow up, their parents are dead. Hindley had change a lot. He made the boy with the servant and set him to work on the farm instead. Furthermore, Catherine and Heatcliff had the feeling each other but Catherine don't want to married him because it would shame her if marry Heatcliff because his life is bad now. So, she has married with Edgar Linton.


This story is full of sad because at the and everyone around the main character has dead. In addition, many of problem accrue because of misunderstanding. We have to be together if one of our family had problems.Don't leave them alone because it will make us far from each other and try to understand them. Furthermore, love is blind even Catherine already married with Edgar Linton but she still love Heatcliff. Actually, we don't have to be shy if someone we love comes from poor family.This book are not bored because one side is story and one side is picture.


Glance~a look that lasts for only a moment

Moor~a wide, open area of land, with rough grass or low bushes but not suitable for farming

Passion~very strong uncontrollable feelings

Vicar~a priest in charge of a church

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