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This story is about family life where it tell about six young children who had different background family. Its start with Richard story. His life begins soon after His father died, his mother married Mr Coldstone Richard's stepfather was kind to his sister, Charlotte, but treated Richard cruelly and send him to Mordanger school. Richard was so unhappy that he ran away to sea and did not return for many years. When he finally returned to old Hardwick Hall, he discovered that his mother, stepfather and sister had all died. Devastated, the now wealthy Richard was left to decide weather to stay, or leave home and disappear forever.

Next is Claudia story. Her parents quarrelled a lot and so they split up. When Claudia's dad moved in with his new girlfriend, Stella, Claudia was rude and ignored her out of loyalty towards her mother. However, when she saw her dad's friends treating Stella in a similar manner, she realised that it was unfair and she subsequently changed her attitude towards Stella.

Follow by Colin story. Colin's Mum took up with Jack when Colin was a baby. Colin called him 'Dad', and they were very close. His mum decided to leave Jack and they moved away to another place. Colin was very upset and missed his stepdad. He started getting into trouble at school. He planned to run away and find his stepdad when he was older.

Ralph's  is the next person tell about his family, He had a complicated family life. His first stepmother, Annabel, was unpopular because she never left him and his two brother alone with their dad. Ralph's second stepmother, Janet was so well-organised that both his parents loved her. Ralph and his brother, however, hated her because of all ruler she imposed. Ralph also dislike sharing his house with Janet four children. Ralph adore Flora, his dad's new pregnant girlfriend. He hopped Flora would stay on as his stepmother.

Next is Pixie story. Pixie dad lived with his new wife, Lucy and her daughter's Hetty and Sophie. When Hetty moved into pixie's room, Pixie tried to get rid of her by first telling her ghost stories and later giving her semi silence treatment. Lucy and pixie had a huge row but eventually they cleared up all their misunderstanding. From then on, everyone got alone better.

Lastly is Robbo story. Robbo and his sister, Callie, lived with their mum, Roy and Dumpa, their young half-brother. Robbo got along quite well with Roy but Callie hated Roy. She did whatever she could to cause problems between roy and her mum in the hope that her mum and dad get back together. Eventually Callie moved in with her dad as evryone realised that she could never live happly with roy.


This is a form five novel. This novel is quite interesting and give a lot of knowledge. We are not same like other person, don't judge people in mordanger school are bad person, some of them, they have to go there because of their life, family background. As a mother or a father, we have to settle the problem and think about children. They can be the victim of the environment. If the father or a mother want to find a new wife or husband, make sure that they are good enough to take care of your children and can get along with them. some of children don't even know what happen to their surrounding.

When reading this book, you can image what actually happen to them, you can put yourself there and fell what they feel. Maybe when you start reading this book, you will find that you are the lucky persons because you have a great family that give support to you. You can follow this story very well and the usage of words is simple and can be understand. 

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