Sunday, January 30, 2011

Behind The Green Glass


Sarah and Philip are fall in love. But both of they didn't know because they keep it to they self. Sarah's mother ask her sister named Enid to marry with Philip.Even though, Enid and Philip didn't love each other. Sarah can't marry with Philip because she is too young and her family doesn't know that they are in love.

Sarah's mother plan to get her sister and Philip married because she already though Philip like her son. Philip is a soldier. Before he get marry with Enid, he had to go to the war. He invite Enid and Sarah to his house. But Enid didn't like Sarah to join them because Philip are to focus on Sarah. So Philip ask Enid to let them go for a walk before they get more argue. Philip ask Sarah to accompany him to the Green House. Both of them walk in silence because Sarah afraid to open her mouth.

Then, they go inside the Green House and suddenly Philip express his feeling for Sarah. He tell Sarah that he can't marry with Enid. Sarah was so surprise. Now she know that not only she fell that felling.

But its too late. Philip was so regret with his decision to get marry with Enid. They plan after he get back from the war, they will tell everybody the truth about they feeling. But Enid and Philip didn't get marry. Enid receive a telegram that tells Philip was dead. Sarah was so sad. 

After a year, while Sarah and her sister walks to the Temperate House. They saw the same old lady that they saw last August. She wearing the same black dress. The old lady remember that she had saw Sarah before this at the Green House. It recall her because of Sarah's hat that she wear on that day. The old lady said that she though that she might see a ghost that day because Sarah look the same like her when shes young. The old lady like to go to the Green House. Sarah was afraid that the old lady might see what she and Philip doing in the Green House. So, she ask a permission to go to her sister back. When Sarah turn around to see the old lady, the old lady was missing. There no signs of her at all. Then Sarah realize that the old lady was her. Because Sarah also like to go to the Green House when she miss Philip.The old lady remind Sarah of her in future.

Comment :-

Come back with love story, this week we want to share with you one more love book that give inspire.This novel actually had many love stories. New chapter, new love story. we choose this title to share with you because This novel is not really hard to understand because it use simple English language. This story is the most teenage girl like us love to read because it about love. It was a fun novel. Sarah and Philip had a true love. The ending of the story was sad because Sarah and Philip didn't get together. Philip making decision easily about marring Enid without thinking about his own heart. You may read more love story in this book, maybe in one week you can read at lease two story in this book. Then can improve our language. You also can follow every story and enjoy it Because of this book are using simple English, so this week we don't have new words that we want to share. I suggest you to grab this book on Bukharin Library and read it on your own, i guarantee that you will enjoy it so much :)

Lesson/Moral Values

1)True love never dies
2)Think properly before make a decision
3)We must be strong no matter want happen

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