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   Joe,a 13 year's old boy begins a plan of persecution against a man he called Mr Longleat Man (L.M) or Mr.Terence Moss who has killed his father,Mr Peter Harris in a road accident.Even though Norwich Crown Court has decide that Joe's father died shortly after his arrival at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital because sustained serious injuries from a collision with a telegraph pole,Joe still felt that L.M was a killer of his father.

    Joe starts his spying games in a way becomes a paper boy that he must delivering a newspaper including Abigail Road where L.M and his family stay.Every morning,when he reach L.M's house,he will jot down everything that he saw and heard.He also wrote a threaten words such as "THIS CAR KILLS" over the bonnet using a permanent marker,and post a box of Dairy Milk chocolates with a label saying "I'M STILL WATCHING".

    On one day at his school during P.E lesson,his teachers are going to call out the names for their tutor groups  and at last he heard his name was called group with Alex Moss.He is a L.M's only son.

     Lastly,Joe face one another with Alex Moss to tell the truth about the accident that has killed his father.At last Joe accept that his father was died in order to swerve to avoid a motorbike and L.M truly was found not guilty in this case.


1-ambling : to walk slowly in a relaxed way.
                  ...and the boys is ambling back slowly,hands in pockets,moody,kicking a stone.

2-camouflage : to hide something,especially by making it look the same as the things around it,or by making it seem like something else.                          
                       They're both wearing camouflage outfits with matching helmets.


 : something,especially a drink or food,made by mixing different things,especially things that are not usually combined.
                       She takes her horrible concoction into the sitting room.

4-disguising : to change the appearance,sound,taste etc of something so that people do not recognize.
                     Upstairs,in my room,I set to disguising the graffiti on my bedroom wallpaper.(Page 5 Lined 3)

5-miraculously : very good,completely unexpected,and often very lucky
                         I'm just making myself a cup of coffee-Tom has miraculously recovered.

6-mingles : if two feelings,sounds,smell etc
                 ...cheeses,pies,bread,coffee and there's a certain spot where it all mingles together.

7-lunatic : someone who behaves in a crazy or very stupid way.
       father was killed by a lunatic who should be locked away...(Page 15 Lined 35)

8-whizz : to move very quickly,often making a sound like something rushing through the air.
               ...and me would whizz round to the drive-in on the ring road.

9-waddling : to walk with short steps,with your body moving from one side to another-used especially about people or birds with fat bodies and short legs.
                    A couple of ducks are waddling over to me.

10-culprit : the person who is guilty of a crime or doing something wrong.
                  ...looking around as if the culprit is hiding under the hedge or something.


    This week, we read about a boy who did not satisfied about his father dead. It such an interesting story where the story is set in Norwich,England. You can imagine yourself at there when you read this book, it describe about the place. The author,Pat Moon likes to use a flash back scene for example the story flashes back to Joe remembers when he and his fathers together went to McDonald's while his father is still alive.The languages and the words that the author use in this book also is a very simple and very easy to understands. We also find a lots of new words that we want to share with you, check our NEW WORDS list. This book is better than last week, we want to know what happen next , sometimes it become suspend and excited for it. At the end of the story, it quite fun because Mrs Longleat man has became his tutor and he have to accept what happen. 

Although we love our father, but we have to try accept if he no longer exist. Everyone will die, but we don't know when, don;t blame people about what happen. This is the moral value that we want to share with you : 


1-Don't judge a book by its cover.
2-Man proposes,God disposes.
3-We must believe that our life only a short journey.
4-We should never give up to maintained or sustained our right and our family's right.
5-We must be brave to speak out about what we thinks is right.

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