Sunday, January 30, 2011

Behind The Green Glass


Sarah and Philip are fall in love. But both of they didn't know because they keep it to they self. Sarah's mother ask her sister named Enid to marry with Philip.Even though, Enid and Philip didn't love each other. Sarah can't marry with Philip because she is too young and her family doesn't know that they are in love.

Sarah's mother plan to get her sister and Philip married because she already though Philip like her son. Philip is a soldier. Before he get marry with Enid, he had to go to the war. He invite Enid and Sarah to his house. But Enid didn't like Sarah to join them because Philip are to focus on Sarah. So Philip ask Enid to let them go for a walk before they get more argue. Philip ask Sarah to accompany him to the Green House. Both of them walk in silence because Sarah afraid to open her mouth.

Then, they go inside the Green House and suddenly Philip express his feeling for Sarah. He tell Sarah that he can't marry with Enid. Sarah was so surprise. Now she know that not only she fell that felling.

But its too late. Philip was so regret with his decision to get marry with Enid. They plan after he get back from the war, they will tell everybody the truth about they feeling. But Enid and Philip didn't get marry. Enid receive a telegram that tells Philip was dead. Sarah was so sad. 

After a year, while Sarah and her sister walks to the Temperate House. They saw the same old lady that they saw last August. She wearing the same black dress. The old lady remember that she had saw Sarah before this at the Green House. It recall her because of Sarah's hat that she wear on that day. The old lady said that she though that she might see a ghost that day because Sarah look the same like her when shes young. The old lady like to go to the Green House. Sarah was afraid that the old lady might see what she and Philip doing in the Green House. So, she ask a permission to go to her sister back. When Sarah turn around to see the old lady, the old lady was missing. There no signs of her at all. Then Sarah realize that the old lady was her. Because Sarah also like to go to the Green House when she miss Philip.The old lady remind Sarah of her in future.

Comment :-

Come back with love story, this week we want to share with you one more love book that give inspire.This novel actually had many love stories. New chapter, new love story. we choose this title to share with you because This novel is not really hard to understand because it use simple English language. This story is the most teenage girl like us love to read because it about love. It was a fun novel. Sarah and Philip had a true love. The ending of the story was sad because Sarah and Philip didn't get together. Philip making decision easily about marring Enid without thinking about his own heart. You may read more love story in this book, maybe in one week you can read at lease two story in this book. Then can improve our language. You also can follow every story and enjoy it Because of this book are using simple English, so this week we don't have new words that we want to share. I suggest you to grab this book on Bukharin Library and read it on your own, i guarantee that you will enjoy it so much :)

Lesson/Moral Values

1)True love never dies
2)Think properly before make a decision
3)We must be strong no matter want happen

Sunday, January 23, 2011



   Joe,a 13 year's old boy begins a plan of persecution against a man he called Mr Longleat Man (L.M) or Mr.Terence Moss who has killed his father,Mr Peter Harris in a road accident.Even though Norwich Crown Court has decide that Joe's father died shortly after his arrival at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital because sustained serious injuries from a collision with a telegraph pole,Joe still felt that L.M was a killer of his father.

    Joe starts his spying games in a way becomes a paper boy that he must delivering a newspaper including Abigail Road where L.M and his family stay.Every morning,when he reach L.M's house,he will jot down everything that he saw and heard.He also wrote a threaten words such as "THIS CAR KILLS" over the bonnet using a permanent marker,and post a box of Dairy Milk chocolates with a label saying "I'M STILL WATCHING".

    On one day at his school during P.E lesson,his teachers are going to call out the names for their tutor groups  and at last he heard his name was called group with Alex Moss.He is a L.M's only son.

     Lastly,Joe face one another with Alex Moss to tell the truth about the accident that has killed his father.At last Joe accept that his father was died in order to swerve to avoid a motorbike and L.M truly was found not guilty in this case.


1-ambling : to walk slowly in a relaxed way.
                  ...and the boys is ambling back slowly,hands in pockets,moody,kicking a stone.

2-camouflage : to hide something,especially by making it look the same as the things around it,or by making it seem like something else.                          
                       They're both wearing camouflage outfits with matching helmets.


 : something,especially a drink or food,made by mixing different things,especially things that are not usually combined.
                       She takes her horrible concoction into the sitting room.

4-disguising : to change the appearance,sound,taste etc of something so that people do not recognize.
                     Upstairs,in my room,I set to disguising the graffiti on my bedroom wallpaper.(Page 5 Lined 3)

5-miraculously : very good,completely unexpected,and often very lucky
                         I'm just making myself a cup of coffee-Tom has miraculously recovered.

6-mingles : if two feelings,sounds,smell etc
                 ...cheeses,pies,bread,coffee and there's a certain spot where it all mingles together.

7-lunatic : someone who behaves in a crazy or very stupid way.
       father was killed by a lunatic who should be locked away...(Page 15 Lined 35)

8-whizz : to move very quickly,often making a sound like something rushing through the air.
               ...and me would whizz round to the drive-in on the ring road.

9-waddling : to walk with short steps,with your body moving from one side to another-used especially about people or birds with fat bodies and short legs.
                    A couple of ducks are waddling over to me.

10-culprit : the person who is guilty of a crime or doing something wrong.
                  ...looking around as if the culprit is hiding under the hedge or something.


    This week, we read about a boy who did not satisfied about his father dead. It such an interesting story where the story is set in Norwich,England. You can imagine yourself at there when you read this book, it describe about the place. The author,Pat Moon likes to use a flash back scene for example the story flashes back to Joe remembers when he and his fathers together went to McDonald's while his father is still alive.The languages and the words that the author use in this book also is a very simple and very easy to understands. We also find a lots of new words that we want to share with you, check our NEW WORDS list. This book is better than last week, we want to know what happen next , sometimes it become suspend and excited for it. At the end of the story, it quite fun because Mrs Longleat man has became his tutor and he have to accept what happen. 

Although we love our father, but we have to try accept if he no longer exist. Everyone will die, but we don't know when, don;t blame people about what happen. This is the moral value that we want to share with you : 


1-Don't judge a book by its cover.
2-Man proposes,God disposes.
3-We must believe that our life only a short journey.
4-We should never give up to maintained or sustained our right and our family's right.
5-We must be brave to speak out about what we thinks is right.

Sunday, January 16, 2011



Davie parents has passed away.They was leave their son,Davie a letter.In that letter,his father start him off to the house of Shaw's,not far from Cramond,the place that his boy should return.Davie take a decision to go to the place with Alan.At last,Davie has meet the lawyer,Mr Thomson.The lawyer has advised him to choose the safe and shameful.The lawyer has give him two letters.After that,Davie and Alan are leaving each other.Davie take a decision to go to British Linen Company's Bank.

New words:-


meaning : a small bird that is hunted and shot for food and sport,or the flesh of this bird
example : The good woman set outbreak before me and a cold grouse,patting my shoulder and smiling to me all the time


meaning : a feeling of doubt or fear about what might happen or about weather something is right)
example : I began to have a strong misgiving


meaning : formal showing that you hate someone
example : The woman's face lit up with a malignant anger


This is second novel that we'll read, its quite bord because the flow of the story is very hard to understand. However, it contain some moral value that we can obtain when we read this novel.One of the moral value is the show of loving between a father and his son, the father still remember his son although the son never look after him.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


can you LOVE someone you don't even know ?

Synopsis :

   Madison's is a roll model for her school. Her parents and teacher always expect her to make A's. The heart-2-heart pal program was one of those big ideas that the Evergreen High Counselors had invented to help students survive their high school years. And so Madison's school pen pal assignment begins. Each student was give an anonymous e-mail address and assigned a heart-2-heart partner. Student were suppose to communicate with their partners.

 At the same time, her school would nominated the candidates for student president and she has going to be one of them.She's busy running for school election and is up against Jeremy, her sworn enemy since forever. 

   Although she was having trouble concentration with her heart-2-heart pal, but soon Madison's finds herself pulling aside more and more time to email her anonymous pen pal, who calls himself blue. As the election rapidly heats up, so do the messages, until the two are virtually an item, and they've never even met of this assignment is, they not supposed to meet them, they only supposed to write them. One day, blue's ask Madison a date. Madison is to excited and accept it, they break the rules and meet in person.

   At the day they meet, Madison was really surprise to see her heart-2-heart pal, it was Jeremy, her worst enemy. Madison made a snap decision. She slowly made her way up of there. Jeremy was really disappointed about what happen, his pal didn't come for their first date, and he don't even know Madison was his pal.

After a month, finally, Madison tell Jeremy the truth that she was his pal. At the end of the story, Jeremy and Madison fall in love and they are Evergreen Presidents.



(1) wince
meaning : to draw back or tense the body
example : Madison's winced and put her face in her hands as piper described what happen

(2) goon
meaning : a stupid or deliberately foolish person
example : so i kept on running to join the others, waving and grinning like a goon.

(3) immense
meaning : unusually large, huge, vast
example : through one she could see an immense, bearded man in headphones talking into a microphone.

(4) rendezvous
meaning : an agreement between two or more persons to meet at acertain time and place.
example : when do you and I meet for our breakfast rendezvous.

My Opinion :

This is our first time reading English book, it was quite hard to really understand every new words that we find. We have to refers dictionary so that we can follow the story. We learn new words every chapter and we want to share with you some of it, refer our ''NEW WORDS'' .

This book is about love story and as a teenage, it was enjoyful reading this book. Even we don't understand some words, but this book are using simple English and it help a lots. It was fun to have a pen pal like Madison's, where we can share everything with them as they don't even know us. Its motivate us to be like Madison, where she is a roll model for her school, cleaver girl, having desirable qualities. She wake up every morning to study and she won't sleep before she get the answer for the question. As a Muslim, Rasulullah had teach us to wake up before the sun rise.

Morality of this story is :

i)   we have to work hard to achieve something that we want.
ii) "Don't judge the book with its cover", which mean, we have to be friend with someone we assume as our enemy, because there is no reasons to hate them if they didn't do anything wrong to us.
iii) Always ask people opinion especially our friends and family before doing something
iv) Plan everything before start something, so that it won't waste our time.

Here is one of the pen pal web where you can try to find your pal :)