Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ellie and the Secret Potion


   Meet Misty, Ellie, Sophie, Holly, Lucky and Scarlett. They are mermaid sister of the sea, who live in the magical underwater world of Coral Kingdom. The Merfolk and their wise ruler, Queen Neptuna look after the sea and all its creatures. Coral Kingdom is protected by six powerful magic crystal which give life and strength to the Merfolk. Without the crystal, Coral Kingdom would not survive. Every year the old crystal fade and have to be replaced. Queen Neptuna sends Misty and her friends - six special mermaids who are pure of heart - to fetch the new ones from the secret Crystal Cave. But as they are bringing the crystal home, a storm blows the mermaids completely off course.
   This is no ordinary storm. It is created by Mantora, Queen Naptuna's jealous sister . Mantora wanted to rule Coral Kingdom and now she is bitter and full of hatred. She is determine to stop the mermaids reaching home, so that she can overthrow Queen Naptuna and set up her evil storm kingdom instead. Luckily the young mermaids have courage and friendship on their side. But  thay's not all their sister of sea Kits will help them as they race  to get the crystal back safely. Misty and her friends are eager to prove that queen naptuna was right to trust them with the precious. They are going to do everything  it takes to get them home and safeguard  Coral Kingdom for another year.


I like this book because it use the simple word and easy to understand.Besides that,they always been together if anythings happen so, from there we can learn something that we need each other and the friends is very important.Furthermore,we need to protect our place from the other people.

New words 

Gossamer -literary a very light thin material

Dazzle      -if a very bright light dazzle you, its stop you from seeing properly for a short time

Giddy       -feeling slightly sick and unable to balance, because everything seems to be moving

Ointment  -a soft cream that you rub into your skin as a medical treatment.            

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