Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Brisket,A Casket


Murray,the'Pastrami Swami' is dead,leaving loyal deli cutomers in a tizzy.The only kosher deli in Nashville,Tennessee appears to be relegated to memory.Fortunately,Gwen Silver has decided to take up her deceased uncle's mantle.That is,until everything begins to fall apart like a well-cooked brisket.

After surviving a disastrous divorce,Gwen leaves New York and heads for Nashville to manage her uncle's deli.Soon after arriving,she is distraught to learn that Uncle Murray may have taken his secret recipes to the grave with him,because they are nowhere to be found.However,Gwen will not be undone and she springs into action.Using her culinary talents,she creates her own recipes and a new menu.Unfortunately,the newest deli dish includes murder.

In an effort to promote the deli menu and its change in ownership,Gwen arranges for a Kosher Karaoke Night.Buster Sergeant,a loyal customer of the deli for many years,sits down to enjoy the evening and sample of the brisket.Within moments of his first bite,Buster keels over dead.

Needless to say,patrons find a plate of murder highly unplatable.It isn't long before the dark cloud of rumor and suspicion settles upon the deli;however,the deli is ultimately exonerated with the medical examiner's report.Rumors of food poisoning come to a screeching half when it is revealed that the cause of death is a particular poison used to exterminate coyote populations.
Gwen silver,no stranger to forensic science,is determined to find out who is behind the killing.With the help of sexy detective Beau McClintock,Gwen digs deeper into the mystery,which eventually puts  her own life in danger.

Topping the list of suspects is Royce Sinclair,the "Donald trump"of Nashville,He has been trying to get his hands on the deli so he can raze it to make way for a resort.Gwen declines his persistent offers to purchase the property,which raises the questions as to wether Sinclair is willing to murder for it.


A Brisket,A Casket is the first book in the Deadly Deli Mystery series,Author  Delia  Rosen creatively uses murder as an entree in this cozy little mystery.To spice things up,Rosen also throws in a delicious dessert in the form of a little romance.This novel will certainly leave the reader hungry for more.Gwen(nee katz).This novel is one of the most interesting novel that I ever read because it is about a detective story.

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